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If you are looking for help and information on other aspects of your project, from funding to heating maybe our friends can help....

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Mary Riley Custom Build Funding

Getting finance is still a major hurdle for a lot of builders. So if you are looking for funding for your project why not give Mary Riley Custom Build Funding a call. With a wealth of experience they can guide you through the options and help you start your journey on a sure footing.

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Whole House Energy

Energy performance consultants with a depth of knowledge  that will make compliance with SAP or PHPP simple and straight forward.
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Isoquick is the perfect start to you Logix Passivhaus or ultra-low energy house. The system creates a concrete raft that is completely separated from the cold ground by a a layer of high performance insulation. Described by the Passivhaus Institute as the optimal thermal bridge free foundation system.
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Monolith's BrickPlus and StonePlus innovative products offer fast and cost effective way to produce a brick or stone finish to your Logix project without the need for traditional brick laying skills.
Vectaire Logo


Vectaire offer a comprehensive range of MVHR and extraction systems suitable for any building from a bedsit to a mansion or hotel. With appendix Q registered MVHR units offering up to 94% efficiency they are bound to have a product for you.
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Parex Render Systems

Comprehensive technical product range and advise on rendered finishes for your project with nationwide network of installers offering insurance guaranteed work. 
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Total Home Environment (THE)

THE are Genvex distributor's and offer a range of heating and ventilation solutions for the energy conscious builder, including the Combi185. This single unit, in the right structure, can provide MVHR, space eating and hot water in one neat unit 
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